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Fuente Alamo

Translating as "The Source or Fountain of the Polar Tree" Fuente Alamo lives up to its very pretty name.  The town marks the boundaries of Cartagena, Murcia and Lorca and was known in antiquity as something of a hunters paradise.  The wooded area was home to large packs of wolves, wild boar and deer as well as cattle which were wintered in this lush inland terrain.


Nowadays the wolves and wild boar have diminished and the economy is kept going by pig, sheep and cattle farming.  There are a few new technologies in the ara such as a recycling plant and some of the lush countryside has now been given over to golf courses and classy residential areas.  The new airport currently in construction has brought some interest from hotel chains and further tourist development is possible.

Fuente Alamo is well placed for visits or commuting to the local cities of Cartagena or Murcia.

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