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Spanish News in English for Andalucia

OCU lists 'approved' OTC pharmacy self-diagnosis Covid tests
A LEADING consumer organisation in Spain has warned members of the public to only buy self-diagnosis Covid tests from high-street pharmacies, as these will have been approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Healthcare Products (AEMPS). 
Covid-19 telephone advice lines by region
IN THE event of experiencing symptoms consistent with Covid-19, suspecting you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, or you use an over-the-counter fast-track test bought at a pharmacy which gives a positive result, you should immediately seek medical assistance, even if you feel well ? but not in person, for obvious reasons.
Spain strikes deal with Moderna and Pfizer for annual Covid vaccines
SPAIN'S population will be vaccinated against Covid-19 annually, and the health ministry has struck a deal with Pfizer and Moderna for the next two years, reveals its leader Carolina Darías.
?He's hot:? Spain's 'gorgeous' president sets Twitter aflame in USA
WHEN president Pedro Sánchez appeared this week on US television channel MSNBC, reactions from viewers had little to do with Spanish politics and were more along the lines of: ?He's gorgeous!?
?Let's go feed the world?: Spanish chef gets ?85m for his charity from Jeff Bezos
TOP Spanish chef José Andrés has received ?85 million from Amazon boss Jeff Bezos for his charitable foundation World Central Kitchen, through which he provides food and aid for victims of natural disasters and other crises.
How long is too long between vaccine doses? Spanish scientists explain
CONCERNS among members of the public in Madrid about their second vaccine being overdue have been assuaged by medical experts, who stress the level of protection will not best compromised.
'Law of Democratic Memory': Two new tribute dates to dictatorship victims
SPAIN has approved its long-planned 'Law of Democratic Memory', adding two new significant dates to its calendar.
British tourist bookings up by 400% since quarantine exemption announced
BRITISH holidaymakers' bookings for Spain have soared by 400% since the UK government announced its residents would not have to quarantine upon their return if they had been fully vaccinated by the National Health Service (NHS).
Siestas: Just a Spanish quirk? And why do they do it? National Sleep Society explains
ONE word which is always instantly associated with Spain ? and which even people who do not speak Spanish understand ? is 'siesta', and many nationalities, including people from Spain itself, have often questioned why this is the case; how is it that this seems to be the only country where the inhabitants take a siesta?
Bilbao BBK Festival confirms Pet Shop Boys, The Killers, Supergrass and Placebo on 2022 programme
A THRILLING line-up of 'retro' bands and artists has been announced for the Bilbao BBK Festival ? one of the biggest international dates on music-lovers' calendars and which should have been under way about now.
EU 'Covid passports' now available online in all Spain's regions: How to get yours
VACCINE certificates or 'Covid passports' recognised throughout the European Union for travel can now be obtained from each and every regional health authority website, or in some cases, with a mobile phone App.
Over half the population 'will be fully vaccinated by next week', if not before
AT LEAST half the population of Spain will be fully vaccinated before next weekend, or the end of the third week in July, president Pedro Sánchez (pictured) has promised ? and figures seem to show this is a very valid claim. 
'Canícula period' to start with 40ºC-plus in the shade: What have the stars got to do with it?
THIS weekend will see 11 provinces in Spain on 'alert' for high temperatures as the period known as the Canícula starts up ? the hottest part of the year, officially considered to be between July 15 and August 15 inclusive.
Podemos calls for maternity and paternity leave to rise to 24 weeks
SPAIN'S social rights minister Ione Belarra wants to increase maternity and paternity leave to 24 weeks, or just short of six calendar months, and has announced the party she leads, Podemos, intends to negotiate with its socialist coalition partners.
Summer traffic fine 'myths': Can you drive in flip-flops, and other questions
ALONG with a spike in ice-cream sales, a fan breaking down becoming a domestic emergency and fantasies of teleporting oneself to the Arctic ? just for 10 minutes, then going home again ? summer in Spain is guaranteed to bring one other seasonal regular: Online hoaxes about traffic rules. It's the time of year when mass confusion abounds about whether you can drive in flip-flops or whether you can be fined for hanging an arm out of a window ? nobody is quite sure, and social media posts and viral messages and memes only add to the chaos.