Zahara de Los Atunes
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Zahara de Los Atunes

Not that far from Tarifa to the North lies the small town of Zahara de Los Atunes sitting on 12 kilometers of white sand beach.


It is like going back in time when you arrive In Zahara, although popular with the Spanish in the summer it still has a sleepy atmosphere, where the local cats doze in the sun and the locals go about their daily business.  The fishermen can be seen carrying a tuna up the beach suspended between two poles and the little fishing boats bob up and down just off the shore fishing for the owners supper and a few fish to sell in the local hotels or market.


The town is sandwiches between the beautiful blue sea and the lush green hills. You could probably walk round the town in 15 minutes but it has managed to attract quite a few trendy bars and restaurants as this is the town where Spain´s Celebs choose to holiday.  If you flick through the pages of Spanish Hello magazine you will see many sites of Zahara in the background as the stars pose for the cameras.



If you like your beach quiet best to come before or after August and in the low season Zahara is a quiet location where you can sit alone on the kilometers of beach and read a book with only the sound of the sea in your ears.

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