Vejer de la Frontera
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Vejer de la Frontera is one of Spain's most photographed pueblos blancos.  Perched on top of a hill its ancient battlements built by the Moors still stand to mark out the village boundaries.  With a population of around 12,500 Vejer is large enough to prevent bumping in to the same person every day but small enough for you to form close friendships with the locals.  The cobbled streets and pots of geraniums make the village an unforgettable experience.


The local income is mostly from fishing and farming, much of the produce is sold in the village and you will see the little vegetable vans trundling up and down the access road laden with whatever is in season. 


Vejer has a good mix of old established family shops, supermarkets and an indoor market.  There is an air of bohemian chic which hangs over the village with a good selection of little courtyard bars and quaint restaurants.


Housing can be in old town properties or new apartments and townhouses.  Detached houses are rare in Vejer and generally carry a large price tag.  Due to its geography parking is at a premium in Vejer so most people are looking for property with a parking space or better still a garage.  This tends to limit the buyer to the newer areas which also provide building gurantees and less problems with old plumbing and wiring.

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