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Spanish News in English for Andalucia

Spain's Dakar 'dream team': Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz 'dad' make history
ELDER half of Spain's famous motorsport father and son team, Carlos Sainz's Dakar Rally victory is not only a superhuman feat - being one of the toughest multi-day endurance ...
Driverless electric bus piloted in Madrid university campus
A DRIVERLESS mini-bus powered by electricity is about to be piloted as intra-campus student transport at Madrid Autonomous University (UAM).

How did the dinosaurs become extinct?

SCIENTISTS have come up with evidence of how at least 70% of the dinosaur population was wiped out in a study at Yale University, in which palaeontologist Dr Laia Alegret (pictured), took ...
Rafa's 'romantic' marriage proposal to Mery...and what he thinks of having kids
TENNIS ace Rafael Nadal's year could hardly have gone better - 2019 saw him return to
Sleeping customer 'embarrassed' after his drunken lock-in video goes viral
THE owner of a bar where a customer fell into a drunken slumber on the toilet and was locked in overnight says he has not seen him 'for days' because he is ...
Gold bread, fish-eye fritters, mushroom wine and other oddities from Madrid Fusion
THE MOST expensive bread in the world contains gold, silver and flowers, and is made in Málaga - the latest unusual fact to come out of the Madrid Fusión culinary ...
First-ever Oscar nomination for Antonio Banderas
THIS year's Oscar Awards has brought three nominations for the Spanish film industry - and the first of his career for Hollywood legend Antonio Banderas.

Consumer group reviews in-store 'squeeze-your-own' juice: Clean, safe, full of vitamins and value for money
FRESHLY-SQUEEZED fruit juice does not lose vitamin content unless it is drunk immediately, says one of Spain's leading consumer organisations, the OCU.

Spain's new government: The complete cabinet
SPAIN'S first-ever coalition government starts work tomorrow (Tuesday) in earnest and, for the first time, has more women than men on board.

Vueling among world's top 10 safest budget airlines

THE 10 safest budget airlines for 2020 have been named, and Catalunya-based Vueling is among them. Each year, Airline Ratings gives ...
Why Shakira won't marry Pique
ALTHOUGH they're usually referred to in the media as 'husband' and 'wife', pop-rocker Shakira and FC Barcelona's Gerard Piqué are not actually married - ...
'Going traditional': New York Times' top three 'real-Spain' destinations
TAKING a trip to Spain, or exploring it further if you already live there, offers literally whatever you want to get out of a holiday, whatever your age, tastes or budget - although too ...