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Spanish News in English for Andalucia

Hollywood stars you didn't know were (partly, at least) Spanish 
INTERNATIONAL celebrities from Spain or with Spanish relatives are not exactly rare, but are few enough in number that their names are well known ? if a quiz show on a non-Spanish TV channel asked contestants to list them, chances are almost everyone would come up with the same stars instantly, but be completely stuck beyond a certain number.
Ethan Hawke, Brokeback Mountain and Almería: Almodóvar goes west
JUST when you thought you knew what to expect from 'an Almodóvar film', the cult director from Castilla-La Mancha serves up something completely off the menu ? and it's getting to the stage where there are few cinema genres left he hasn't dabbled in.
Public transport discounts, cash payout to low-income workers and energy company windfall tax announced
A BATTERY of measures to soften the blow of price-led inflation has been announced following Spain's latest Council of Ministers, at a cost of around ?9.1 billion.
Madrid hosts NATO Summit amid stringent security measures
SECURITY in Madrid is at its tightest ever this coming week as Spain's capital gets ready to host the latest NATO Summit ? in fact, residents and commuters have been urged to work from home if their jobs allow for it.
Midsummer magic: Les Fogueres, the Costa Blanca's Fallas-style festival
THE LONGEST day north of the tropics has now passed, and summer is officially here, exams are over, schools and colleges in Spain have broken up for the next three months, and fiesta season is ready to kick off.
Ford Almussafes' future guaranteed: Exclusive production of Europe's electric cars for Valencia plant
EMPLOYEES at the Ford factory in the province of Valencia are celebrating as though all their birthdays and Christmases have come at once ? the global motor company has chosen the plant to produce all its electrically-powered vehicles in Europe.
Government halves value-added tax on electricity bills
A FRESH reduction in value-added tax (IVA) on electricity has been announced in a bid to reduce costs to Spanish households, taking effect from Saturday this week (June 25).
Spain's greatest Naval enigma: Ghostly galleon in 'The Goonies' found
A SPANISH shipwreck which inspired a blockbuster Steven Spielberg film has been found off the coast of the USA ? a whole 329 years after it sank without trace, believed destroyed by fire in the ocean wilderness thousands of kilometres from civilisation.
Sharp hike in property sales in past year despite Euribor rise caution
HOME sales and purchases went up by nearly a quarter in the first four months of 2022 based upon the same period the previous year, although April was far less buoyant than March, according to the latest National Statistics Institute (INE) figures.
?Queen of the high street? wears ?40 jump-suit from Mango for Royal visit
IT'S NO secret that Queen Letizia's wardrobe contains numerous budget and mid-range high-street buys sandwiched among pieces worth hundreds or even thousands of euros ? and, for those who want to dress like a royal but cannot afford to shop with her all-time favourite designer Felipe Varela, HRH Letizia is regularly seen in get-up well within the reach of an average or lower income.
Dating agency reveals Spain's 'most unfaithful towns and cities'
IF YOU keep catching your partners out two-timing you and are starting to question what you're doing wrong, or if you're the one who seemingly can't commit to one love interest at a time, it might be that it's nothing personal ? you just live in the wrong town.
Iberdrola announces ?15bn wind farm investment: Clean energy for 12 million consumers
NATIONAL electricity board Iberdrola has announced plan to spend ?15 billion on wind farms between now and the year 2025, enabling it to supply 'clean' power to around 12 million people.
Licence renewal for drivers aged 65-plus to change from next year
CHANGES are afoot in driving licence renewal for the 65-plus age group in Spain, which could come into effect next year.
Fourth Covid jab to be offered to entire population
EVERYONE living in Spain will be offered a fourth dose of the Covid vaccine, irrespective of their age and medical conditions, confirms health minister Carolina Darías.
Spain's biggest brands under the spotlight: Which rank highest in Europe?
EUROPE'S top 500 most valuable brands in terms of overall financial worth include 24 from Spain, with seven of them in the first 100, putting it in seventh place on the continent as a whole ? not just in the EU-27.