Property Maintenance - Carpentry
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Putting up the odd shelf does not make you a carpenter.  We have good, fully qualified tradesmen  waiting to help you. Our carpenters can undertake any job from repairing a door to installing the carpentry throughout a new house or indeed constructing a wood framed house. They are quite used to working from Architect plans or are happy to design a piece especially for you. We work closely with door manufacturers and saw mills to get you the best price for the best product. The following are only a few of the jobs we have helped out our clients with.

  • False ceilings
  • Fitting out cupboards with shelves
  • Building of English style wardrobes
  • Manufacture and installation of kitchens
  • Installation of shower screens and cabinets
  • Construction of wood framed houses and summer homes
  • Closing in of unsightly aircon pipes
  • Closing in understairs spaces to form extra storage
  • Installation of new door and window locks
  • Installation of storage areas over stair wells for sunbeds and garden furniture