Energy Efficiency Certificates
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Energy Efficiency Certificates

From 1 June 2013, it will be obligatory for any property offered for rental or sale to have an Energy Efficiency Certificate. The certificate is require for property which rents out more than 4 months per year or properties offered for sale.

There are a few exceptions which do not need a certificate such as properties of under 50M2, places of worship and protected monuments but if you own a private dwelling and you want to sell or rent it then you need a certificate. The fines for failure to comply range from 3,000 euros to 600,000 euros.

The certificate can only be issued by authorised and qualified professional technicians, who will require to visit the property to take measurements and gather information to produce the certificate.  The process is a little complicated with many aspects having to be measured, assessed and calculated. The certificate will last for 10 years once issued.

To assist our clients we are offering this new and unique service.  We will order, organise and delivery your energy efficiency certificate, prepared by competent professionals and at a very competitive price.

The prices for the certificate are as follows:-

  •     0  - 80m²      180.00€+ IVA
  •   81 - 150m²      210.00€ + IVA
  • 150 - 200m²      255.00€ + IVA
  • 201 - 300m²      295.00€ + IVA
  • 301 - 350m²      330.00€ + IVA

For further information about Energy Efficiency Certificates go to our Blog page, call us or complete the details below today for a quotation and advice.

Prices for commercial premises can be higher than the prices quoted here and prices for properties over 350m² have to be quoted individually.

Surveys normally take 2 - 4 hours but for very large properties or commercial premises they can take longer.

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