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The City of Cadiz was home to Julius Caesar, the birth place of Hannibal and reputedly the oldest city in Europe.  Cadiz has much to be proud of.   Originally founded by the Phoenicians, then inhabited by the Romans and Moors its rich history is visible in the architecture of its many historic buildings and in the faces of its people. A lively and colourful city with more fiestas than most, its carnivals and parades provide a viabrant atmosphere for modern day visitors and are reknowned throughout Spain as being amongst the best on offer.


The city is built in two halves, the modern and the ancient.  The modern city is a long narrow strip of land entered by either a bridge from Puerto Real or the causeway from San Fernando.  The buildings are modern, with the beach to the left and the football ground to the right.  A short distance along this road the city starts to spread out around the Bay of Cadiz with the El Corte Ingles Department store and the Port of Cadiz to the East and the Atlantic Ocean to the West.


The Old Town of Cadiz is a large round blob on the end of the narrow modern city arm.  Contained within the city wall to one side and the sea to the other, its many cobbled narrow streets make for hours of exploring by the interested tourist.  The beautiful medieval plazas provide open green spaces bordered by tapas bars, cafés and restaurants where you can spend an hour or two in the shade watching the people of Cadiz go by.


Excellent shops exist in this part of Cadiz and it is a true melting pot where you can see Spain's past on the faces of the people.  Some have a very Arabic look, while others look more Mediterranean and occasionally you will see a blue eyed, red haired person who's ancestors would have been a Viking.  The Vikings used to make trading missions through southern Spain and then up into Russia to buy furs from the fur traders.  The one thing all the inhabitants of Cadiz have in common is a sense of fun and a friendly and helpful demeanour.


Accommodation in Cadiz is generally in apartments, only a handful of detached houses exist and they are vastly expensive and rarely come on the open market.  In the new town the exterior of the apartments can be lacking in character but many have balconies with views to the bustling streets or to the sea.  Within the Old City the apartments are normally within converted large residences which have been divided in to apartment. Some are of gargantuan proportions with beautiful architectural features.  Others are of small proportion but well placed for the city's many amenities as you can walk from one side of Cadiz Old City to the other in not much over 15 minutes.  You are never far from something of interest and the nearer the centre you go the more pedestrian only streets there are so bipeds are relatively safe to walk around and you can easily hire a bicycle if you fancy venturing a bit further afield.


As with most Cities. Cadiz has a financial and administrative hub which keeps the prices up.  Apartments in Cadiz are more expensive than in other areas but what you get for your money is worth the extra.  You have on your doorstep history, some of the most beautiful beaches in the Costa de la Luz, excellent shops and a bewildering array of tapas bars, cafes and restaurants.


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