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Barbate or Barbate de Franco as it was known between 1940 and 1998 in honour of General Franco who's family came from Andalucia.  The town has a population of around 23,000 and is well known for its fishing especially of tuna by the Almadraba method. The Almadraba (an Arabic word meaning battle or fight) method involves setting nets in a maze arrangement which lead to the "copo" or central pool where the fish are held then slaughtered.


The mainstay of the town is the fishing industry with a small amount of agriculture and in latter years tourism.  Barbate lies on the coast only a few kilometres from Vejer de la Frontera and on the road to Zahara de los Atunes.  It is popular with both Spanish and foreign visitors and its close proximity to the Caños de Meca  with its beautiful pine woods makes it ideal for holidays and weekend breaks.  Barbate revolves around the wide main street where the indoor market is located along with a whole host of smaller shops, bars and a couple of excellent restaurants. The local seafood features heavily on the restaurant menus in this area and Spanish visitors flock to the restaurants to eat the best the sea can offer.  Many say that the tuna in Barbate cannot be beaten and the town sells many tons of it every year to far away destinations such as Japan and Russia.


Life is tranquil and everybody knows everybody in Barbate.  If you are looking for an exciting nightlife this is definitely not the place for you but if you like a nice quiet drink with some lovely ocean views then you are in the right place.


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